Client Testimonials

"The main reason I use ARC is that they have a well-defined process and are free of the influence of the underwriters. Being independent ARC is not afraid to make a sell call when warranted and I do like the forensic accounting overlap and the rating details. The portfolios have also been a great addition to our practice."

- Director Wealth Management

"I really appreciate the comments and analysis! It is a great service to be able to ask questions and receive a direct response. This adds significant value to the service!"

- CIBC Portfolio Manager

"I am an unqualified believer in the benefits that ARC provides to a seasoned and knowledgeable investment advisor. The reports are imminently readable and focus on the meat of the matter. They are authoritative and unbiased. They help me make more money for my clients. If that were not enough, the service that I receive at the hands of the organization is simply stellar. The response times to emails or phone calls is usually measured in minutes, but most importantly, the answer I get is always correct the first time. I could not be happier."

- ScotiaMcLeod Portfolio Manager

"I presently use ARC in my business. I find it very valuable to have an independent research provider in my tool box. I particularly like the Accounting Warning Summaries and other research reports. I truly believe it gives me a leg up on the competition."

- RBC Portfolio Manager

"I really appreciate the way ARC handles their business and since signing up with the firm it has drastically helped our team's business."

- TD Portfolio Manager