Our Three-Stage Process Is Based in Fundamental Research

Fundamental Analysis: To narrow our universe of stocks, we employ quant screens and factor-based screens to help identify potential investments. But quant screening is not enough. It's backwards looking, doesn't adjust well to incorporate forward-looking information, and simply can't adjust for other factors such as management interpretation of loose accounting rules. While quant analysis is good for generating potential ideas, all the important work comes afterwards through fundamental forward-looking analysis. By reviewing macroeconomic factors, industry trends and company-specific issues, we assess each firm's forward-looking potential, looking for growth and sustainability in adjusted cash flows to support value. While other research firms may incorporate fundamental analysis, it's what we do afterwards that ensures that our interests are completely aligned with yours, making us unique in the Canadian market.

Independence Screen: Unfortunately, investment banking activity taints most of the research available from the sell-side. Our analysis shows that companies are 40% more likely to be rated as a Buy by brokers that are receiving fees from those same companies for underwriting services. ARC is free from any outside influence. As part of our value-added process we screen out the companies that we think receive more favourable recommendations due to investment banking activity and other conflicts of interest.

Forensic Accounting Analysis: We validate the integrity of the financial statements because confidence in the numbers behind your investments is paramount. If investors can't trust the numbers behind the research or quant-based process that they're using, it doesn't matter what industry, sector or company is being analyzed. We delve deep into the financial statements to flush out potential threats, and also to identify investment opportunities hidden by complex or inadequate financial reporting.

First Step: Fundamental Analysis