The Best Performing Large-Cap Independent Research Provider in Canada

Achieve leading returns without paying management fees to under-performing fund managers

Achieve returns that outperform low-cost ETF models

ARC is the only independent research provider in Canada that does not have any conflicts of interest

Performance of the ARC North American Growth Model Portfolio, up to August 31, 2021

Inception date is January 1, 2008. Benchmark index is a blend of the S&P/TSX Composite and the S&P 500 in proportion to the Canadian and US holdings of the ARC NA Model.

ARC is the only large-cap independent research firm in Canada that publishes its long-term performance based on accepted industry practices.

ARC is the only independent research firm in Canada that derives all of its revenue from research. Other firms suffer from asset management conflicts-of-interest that place them in direct competition with investment advisors and portfolio managers. Other firms' executives seek to benefit from short-positions in companies while publishing negative research on those companies.