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Why Broken Safety Nets Threaten Your Wealth

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Over the past twenty-five years, a series of actions, omissions, and failures by Canada's lawmakers and the purported gatekeepers of investors' rights have left Canadians' investments, pensions, and retirement savings at greater risk. Bodies such as provincial securities commissions have abandoned their obligations to safeguard investors and allowed published and audited financial statements in Canada to become unreliable. Yet these distorted financial statements are often used by financial analysts who present them as accurate, leaving investors in the dark about serious risks and negative impacts on their savings.


Cons & Cheats + How to Protect Your Investments From Them

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Swindlers is a searing indictment of investment industry regulation in Canada, and a challenge to the status quo. Readers will be alarmed by the current investment environment in Canada and will gain essential insight to safeguard their investments. Swindlers distinguishes itself by providing valuable, practicable advice to every reader: from investors, lawyers and bankers, to entrepreneurs and concerned pensioners. If you are depending on your wealth to carry you through retirement, you had better keep your hand on your wallet because your eyes, and your advisors, might deceive you.